Life Update: Resurrection

After months of hiatus I am pleased to resurrect my blog and start writing again. From around December last year I took the decision to stop writing and to make my blog private.

I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t write again…but something stopped me from pushing that delete button and I continued to pay for the subscription. I am so glad I kept it because now my desire and need to write again is back (with a vengeance).

My reasons for stopping are complex but if I had to put it simply I would say I was worried what would happen if my then boyfriend (now ex) ever found it. I was also concerned about colleagues finding it, and to be fair I am still concerned.

There are loads of reasons for me not to write. By this I mean, there are reasons why writing so candidly and publically is a bad idea. I have questioned myself a lot on this (and will write more on that later) but the upshot is, this medium really works for me.

More importantly, my mental health has taken a massive beating and for the sake of my well-being I need to write again.

I already feel better for writing my first post in months, and I am really looking forward to getting re-connecting with my blogger community on twitter and WordPress.

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